METAVERSE / Digitální 3D světy a naše prezentace v nich

113kw is passionate metaverse architect. And we all have love for the metaverse. Thanks to NFT collection by Pizza DAO we are able to use Cryptovoxels (decentralized metaverse, where users own parcels as NFTs) parcel here and have there our metaverse gallery.

113kw has been working in film industry since 2004. In 2017 she has achieved one of her life dreams, and independently distributed her own drama comedy movie, named ROOTS IN EGO on multidisciplinary events around Czech republic and for czechoslovakian comunity in Western Australia. Now we can visit this movie screening, alongside with NFT collections from the movie, in her metaverse cinema, screening her movie ROOTS IN EGO. By purchasing her NFTs, or directly donating to 113kw.eth, you are contributing Kristina to continue with her activities.

113kw has build metaverse gallery named NFT EUROPE on Pizza DAO parcel, where in 3rd floor you can find her metaverse cinema, and in other floors and garden are exhibitions of other artists. Read more details about our cryptovoxels parcel, and how we have been living there in our first year of existence (started in spring 2021), where we had events, metaverse vernisages, and also Christmas and birthday parties.

113kw has build metaverse gallery for charity project HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS , ongoing project, led by Koshe Salayi and Lianna Adams, that is helping women in Afganistan to be able to have access to better healthcare. Project is continuity from project STAND UP FOR UNITY.

113kw and Dr. Lemny are building special treatment mental health office in metaverse, utility for Dr. Lemny NFTs in metaverse, first of its kind.

Besides that, we are preparing gallery in Decentraland and Sandbox, and we are very focused on dipping our feets in other metaverses aswell. Catch us on Twitter Spaces, to find out, what are the latest news from us.