1000 oil paintings in 50 years



academic painter Magdalena Cubrova

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Academic artist M.Cubrova - paintings, intallations, graphic art
Magdalena Cubrova, academic painter

Academic artist Magdalena Cubrova – paintings, installations, graphic art.

Magdalena Cubrova has studied at the Czech Academy of Fine Arts, and since then she has been a professional graphic artist for over 50 years. She is very structured with her work and time schedule, with consistent and daily work. She has had exhibitions and installations all around the world.  Also, she was working on interior designs and in the beginning of her career, she mainly worked as a graphic artist.

Magdalena Cubrova was born in 1952 in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). She studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1976 as student of proffesors A. Fisarek and J. Smetana. After finishing her studies, she started career as proffesional artist, oil paintings and monumental creations. In the year 1982 she got scholarship on Academia Piettro Vanucci in Perugia, Italy.

Currently, she has presented her art in more than 52 collective exhibitions, 23 international exhibitions (Czech Republic, Italy, The Netherlands and Germany) asd well as 28 individual exhibitions. She has created 25 architectural projects, nearly 1000 oil paintings, hundreds of drawings and illustrations. Her pieces are presented in the National Gallery in Prague, regional galleries in the Czech Republic, government offices, enterprises, and private collections all around the world (Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Sweden, USA, Brazil, Japan, Greece, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Venezuela and Spain).

Magdalena Cubrova works daily for over 50 years
Magdalena Cubrova works daily for over 50 years

Magdalena Cubrova´s paintings are mosaic of her imaginations and dreams. They are beautiful symbiosis between soul and mind, which is dominant tool for expressing human existence in creative way. The world, where her creative soul lives, is no different from people´s visions, regular people´s everyday lives, in which the unique moments of joy and sadness come together, which everyone is going thru.

We have to admire her talent, with which Magdalena can manifest her thoughts and visions in form of art pieces, whom are becoming mirror of live of each one of us. Magdalena Cubrova is author, who is not following trends, her paintings are original fragments, catching reality of time, moment… life…

( text written by Czech gallerist Richard Bergman – Gallery MaxiArt , Galerry33 )

For Magdalena Cubrova the world is a magic garden, as she says herself:

“I know how to enjoy happiness out of the most basic things… wind, rain, germination, growth, fading, stones, grass, fire, winter, summer and all of this is puls of my life.

All the everyday normal and human is the dearest to me. Work at home, care for family, and only after this time for thinking and work in atelier. I feel it as beautiful reward, small satisfaction for all the daily work. I am floating in the mystery of life, I am uncovering rooms of unknown future situations, I dream, I listen to the tones of the past. And than I wake up, I pick up all the things I saw and felt, and I come back to earth, so I can draw it all.

I collect the top ecrets of the human existence same as stones and “interresting people”. I have collection of ideals, own claims and requirements. And what is my biggest holiday? Systematicaly classify my collections.”

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