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Lemny Perez

Dr. Lemny

Born in Harlem, NY, Dr. Lemny Perez is an Afro-Dominican writer, actress, psychologist, abstract NFT artist & collector. She is a curator for the NFTs.Tips Search Light Curatorial team & is the Coaching Lead at the Dream Conduit, a carbon neutral non-profit DAO. Dr. Lemny has sold over 85 1/1 NFTs, is collected by World of Women & has shown at a 31 NFT art shows, spoke on over 73 public talks. Featured in Forbes Magazine & Known Origin platform, she is a 2022 speaker at NFT-NYC conference. Dr. Lemny is the seasonal creative director for The Mint List, an #nft music podcast on Spotify and is a Board Member at ManaXR Technologies, Inc. a Web XR company. Lastly, she is the Community Lead at EQQO labs, consultant at Queenz Collection & ambassador for the Knuckleheads NFT Project. In the late 90s, Dr.Lemny entered Syracuse University as an undergraduate film major, and had aspirations of becoming a film director. To continue this pursuit, she enrolled in documentary film continuing education classes at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. NFTs now provide her with an opportunity to fulfillil her laden and dormant aspirations to write scripts and create films. She loves to cook, and practice the dharma. She lives in Dominican Republic

Minted 100+NFTS

Seasonal Creative Director for The Mint List, an NFT music podcast on Spotify

Board Member at Mana XR Technologies, Inc. a WebXRcompany

Community Lead at EQQO labs Consultant at Queenz Collection

Ambassador for the Knuckle heads NFT Project.

Curator for the NFT.Tips Search Light Curatorial team Coaching Lead & Secretary Board Member at the Dream Conduit, a carbon neutral non-profit DAO