1000 oil paintings in 50 years



Here you can find all the informations about us. We are fully doxxed people, long time proffesionals, interrested in crypto for years, 113kw and Dr.Lemny are full time in the NFT space since the beggining of 2021.

113kw became a passionate metaverse builder and organized 3 NFT events IRL. 113kw is minting 3D art NFTs available as augmented reality instagram filters. Read more about 113kw .

Dr. Lemny was collected by World of Woman and Nyla and 86 other collectors. Dr. Lemny was exhibited on over 31 NFT exhibitions and was presenting on over 73 public talks. Read more about Dr. Lemny .

Magdalena Cubrova is 113kw`s mother, she painted almost 1000 oil paintings in 50 years of her proffesional career. Her paintings are collected by fine art collectors all around the world (Czech republic, Germany, Italy, Sweden, USA, Brazil, Japan, Greece, Netherland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Venezuela, Spain). Read more about Magdalena .

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